X Intima is dedicated to the art of exalting the feminine. Bespoke sophisticated elegant masterpieces designed to empower and enthrall, a luxurious haute couture journey of opulence sensuality, and sophistication.


Silk satin, chiffon, sheer tulle and lace take surprising forms at the hands of X Intima experts. Ostrich feathers and tassels adorn sensual feminine lines. Masterfully designed while manufacturing every piece is lovingly crafted by hand.

Liberate the Goddess within with these exquisite, flamboyant, graceful, masterpieces of style and elegance and join the many women across the world who have grown to trust X Intima as the brand of choice for fine and luxury nightwear.

Seba Orhan, the visionary force behind X Intima, draws inspiration from a rich family tradition in innovative intimate apparel. With her roots deeply embedded in the legacy of Ten Lingerie, one of Turkey’s largest and most established lingerie fashion companies founded by her father in 1956, Seba brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for cutting-edge designs to the forefront.

Educated in the fashion capital of Milan at the Instituto Marangoni, Seba served as the creative director at Ten Lingerie for two decades. During her tenure, she curated trendsetting designs with flair and innovation, pioneering the introduction of transparent bra straps and the creation of fluorescent-coloured undergarments in Turkey.

In 2013, fuelled by her passion for innovative feminine design, Seba embarked on a new journey, giving birth to X Intima. Founded with innovation at its core and passion in its heart, the brand started as an intimate operation and has since evolved into a globally recognized presence in the world of women’s fashion.

X Intima’s masterpieces are crafted by hand, showing a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to sustainable and green manufacturing practices. The brand’s expert artisans transform silk satin, chiffon, lace, ostrich feathers, and tassels into surprising and sensual forms that adorn feminine lines with grace and style.

As Seba Orhan invites women worldwide to liberate the goddess within, offering them exquisite, flamboyant, and graceful masterpieces for fine lingerie, beach apparel, and luxury nightwear.

Chief Executive Officer

Seba Orhan



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