Slippers are one of the most important items for women who care about elegance and follow fashion closely. Stylish dressing gown and suitable slippers to complement your clothes are too important models. You will be able to maintain your elegance and reflect your style at home with the appropriate slipper model that you will choose according to your foot shape. With your choice of orthopedic slippers, you will give your feet the importance they deserve. 

Comfort as well as appearance is so important when choosing slippers. Your slippers, which you will wear at home all day, should be orthopedic and not disturb your feet. Choosing orthopedic-based slippers will also be so good and effective for your foot health. Slippers are made from different products and raw materials, just like clothes. In addition to slippers made using cotton or viscon, slippers made from materials such as satin and tulle are also available. Especially women who want to create an attractive and stylish style usually prefer slipper models consisting of satin and tulle. Slippers models that add color and charm with tulle or feathered decorations on the satin base are also too interesting. There are also models of short heels, long heels and flat-soled slippers. Flat-soled slippers are usually the number one choice for those who want both elegance and comfort at home. Flat-bottom slipper models also have tulle, feathered and ornamented options. For women who want to capture nostalgic elegance by choosing short heeled slippers, we also have short heeled slippers models. These models are also available for those who want to give a sexy and stunning air by choosing high-heeled slippers. Our most preferred powder pink and black slippers are in Xintima for you! Models with feathers, bows and different styles to reflect your taste are with you in all our Xintima branches! Modern and classic styles that will make you look more stylish and attractive are waiting to meet you on our website. You should take a look at our models of orthopedic slippers that will decorate your feet, reflect your taste and style. Our stylish slipper models to complement your elegant dressing gown with reasonable price advantages! The address of quality is Xintima!