24 Nov 2021 - 539 views


Recently, we started spending a lot of  time at home because of the corona virus. Within this period our pajamas became very important. Now the clothes we wear to sleep are became our home clothes. So, what should be considered when buying pajamas ?

One of the most important details is the fabrics. The most preferred type of fabric when buying pajamas is fleece and velvet. Because of it is structure, which allows polar air transfer, it does not sweat. Soft and durable, dries quickly, does not require ironing. As you see main features that make fleece fabric usefull. Made of velvet fabric, the products keep warm and have soft structure. It is also very preferred aesthetically. It has a stylish appearance. Pajamas made of cotton fabric can be used in both summer and winter. It has a breathable texture and does not sweat. I think that it is usefull than others. It also does not generate static electricity. Viscose fabric has a structure that does not sweat and takes air compared to polyester fabric. Among the natural fabrics. By the way it has high dehumidification rate. On the other hand , polyester is lighter and softer. It is durable and has a stain-resistant structure. In addition the choice of color in our pajamas improves our sleep quality. As you know, colors have an effect on people. We can explain that like this; blue pajama sets, which are used, speed up the fall to sleep. Because blue has a soothing effect. Seconly, the color of positive energy is green; It allows you to start the day more energetic. Thirdly, yellow color has a peaceful and relaxing effect. it helps to fall asleep in less time. Pink tints have a soothing effect for this reason, it prepares the body for deep sleep by slowing down the heart rate.

Based on this information, you can choose the appropriate pajamas from Xintima. Sweet dreams !