Imagine that you have  fairly light and comfortable pajamas on you as you stretch your feet and rest after a tiring day. Getting rid of your pants and shirts that disturb your skin all day long and wearing comfortable pajamas will make you feel quite comfortable and light. You'll even forget the pajamas you're wearing. As Xintima, we offer you this comfort and comfort. Your skin will be comfortable with our pajamas, which are completely produced as skin-friendly. You will enjoy comfort with our products that you will choose according to your body shape and body. 

Fabric texture and fabric structure are  important criteria in pajamas. Cotton or satin fabrics breathe into your skin and do not bother you. Skin problems such as sweating, irritation, or redness are not experienced thanks to such fabrics. You should not prefer pajamas made of Polyester or nylon mixed fabrics. Polyester fabrics make your skin breathless and make you feel uncomfortable. As Xintima, we produce our pajama models entirely from cotton or satin fabrics. In this way, your skin breathes, and you feel more comfortable in your pajamas than ever. You will have a quality sleep with pajama models that you will choose according to your body shape and body size. Fabric dyes are as important as fabric texture. We use fabric dyes that are completely organically produced. In this way, no irritation occurs on your skin. We are the number one address for women who care about elegance and charm as much as comfort. You will look glamorous with our pajama models, which we produce from satin fabrics and specially designed for you. You will get a sexy and stylish look with our pajama models whose sleeves are furry, tulle and, lacy. With our rope hanger models, you will feel quite comfortable in the summer. 

Xintima, which is the address of quality and elegance, continues its work for comfort and striking appearance. You can visit our website to review our skin-friendly products. The right address of quality and elegance is Xintima!