Kaftans, which women often wear both in summer and in spring, add elegance as well as comfort. Kaftans that are comfortable and long, such as dresses, appear as savior outfits, especially in hot weather. Because it has a wide mold, it does not disturb the skin by not sticking to the body. It increases your comfort by offering comfortable movement. As Xintima, you can review the kaftan models that we have specially produced for you on our website.

The fabrics we use when producing kaftans are entirely made of satin or cotton. Thanks to these fabrics, which are completely skin-friendly, you will not encounter negative conditions such as sweating, irritation, skin discomfort. In addition, the fabric dyes we use are also completely organic. You can examine the kaftan models that will almost breathe into your skin. In addition to being healthy and organic, you will maintain your elegance and elegance with our kaftans produced in fashion. With its wide arm details and length up to your ankle, you won't even feel your kaftan on you! Offering you different kaftan models with floral, colorful, striped, and other patterns, Xintima guarantees your elegance and comfort. Apart from our kaftan models, whose rags are flat cut, we also have models with asymmetric cut rags. Our kaftans made of satin fabrics will add sparkle to you. In our satin kaftans, you will feel as light as a feather and impress everyone with your elegance. Whether you wear it at home or outside, we guarantee you elegance and comfort with our kaftan models.

As Xintima, we care about elegance and comfort. All our products, which we produce using organic fabrics and organic fabric dyes, are presented to you as completely skin-friendly. Xintima is the right address for elegance and comfort!